The Stokes County Commissioners are refusing to back a grant to build a new King Elementary School.

Our county is staring down over $100 million in required renovations and replacements to our schools. King Elementary – the second largest elementary school in the county – is in need of total replacement.

Stokes County Schools and the Stokes County Board of Education have approved applying for a $44.1 million grant through the Needs Based Public School Capital Fund.

If awarded, Stokes County would be required to pay a 5% match (approximately $2.1 million) in order to receive the $44.1 million.

In short, Stokes County would pay $2 million to receive $44.1 million.

The only thing standing in the way of this grant application is approval by the Stokes County Board of Commissioners.

To date, they have refused to approve the 5% match in order to apply for the grant.

We believe this is an easy decision and the Commissioners should approve the match at their next meeting.

Positive public pressure is the only way to move this issue forward.

Share with them below why you think they should approve the 5% match so we can build a new King Elementary School that will serve students for the next 50 years.