Church and State

Hey everyone. If we haven’t met my name is Jonathan Carone and I’m running for City Council here in King.

I want to start the week off talking about the idea of the separation of church and state.

This phrase is brought up by a lot of people in king who are not affiliated with a church. And remember, that is about 65% of the people in our town. 

The idea they’re pushing against is how a few churches in town have a large, active base and typically vote in candidates who support their values and ways of thinking. 

Let me be clear – that’s not a separation of church and state issue. Those citizens have every right to vote in candidates who reflect them. And those churches have every right to encourage people from their church to be active in local politics. 

As long as those candidates from those churches aren’t trying to pass ordinances or policies that require all citizens to follow a certain religion, this isn’t a church and state issue. Council members are representative leaders and they most closely represent the people voting them in. Voting their values and pushing for ordinances and policies that reflect their values is 100% legal and a valid way to look at governing.

Here’s where the actual issue lies:

Those church folk are the only ones being active in our local politics. Only 410 people voted two years ago. That’s 8% of our registered voters. 

If we want to see different views represented in our community, you need to show up this election season and actually vote for them. 

And let me be 100% clear:

I am a full fledged follower of Jesus. I’m a member of my church. I have a masters degree from a baptist seminary. I worked on staff at a large church for nearly five years. Half of my business is working with churches all across the world so they can reach more people. My grandfather was the original chaplain of the police and fire department here in town. 

When you vote for me, you’re voting for a Christian. The only difference is my view of local government is different and I have a different theology. 

If you want something different, it’s up to you to show up and vote. If you want things to stay the same, stay home. The choice really is up to you. 

We’ve got less than a month to go before the election, so here are some key dates for you to know:

October 8 – you have to be registered to vote by this date. That’s this Saturday. If you’re not registered but want to be, let me know and I can help you with that.

October 26 – Absentee Mail-In voting – this is super important for our college aged students who are still registered to vote in King. If you’re off at college but want to participate in this election, you have until October 26th to get your ballot and it has to be postmarked by November 2.

October 14 – October 30 – If you know you can’t make it to vote on Tuesday, November 2, early one stop voting opens October 14 and ends October 30. You have to go to Danbury for this, but you have a two week window where you can vote early if you need that.

We have multiple ways for you to vote this fall. There’s no reason not to vote. Whether it’s for me or one of the other four candidates, you need to get out and vote this fall as we look to Build King’s Future.

Thanks for watching and have a great week!