King is at a crossroad.

We could build King’s future together.

 Create A Plan 

 Generate New Revenue 

 Communicate Transparently 

What do you want King to look like  five years from now? 

That’s the question we’re voting on this fall. Our town can’t keep operating as normal because that approach is no longer working. This past year we were left with budget cuts and tax increases because there was no plan to manage our growth. We were left with more needs than revenue.

The growth isn’t going to slow down. In fact, some projections have it speeding up. As King grows, the way we approach that growth will determine what King looks like in five years.

You deserve someone who will advocate for the way you want King to look.

So what’s at stake?

As we continue to grow, more people will need the services we provide: law enforcement, fire safety, parks and recreation, road maintenance. However, recent history has shown us those needs have greatly exceeded the revenue our town has brought in so our budgets have been slashed and our town’s services haven’t been financed the way they should be.

If we continue growing at the pace we’re at, we’re going to have hundreds of new houses built every year, more traffic on our roads, and more strain on our first responders but not enough revenue to keep up with the needs of everyone in our town. The wear and tear on our parks will out pace what we can afford to fix. And we’ll never be in a place to add the new things we want because we’ll be too busy reacting to the things needing attention.

Did you know it only took  388 votes  to be appointed to the King City Council in 2019?


That’s less than 8% of the registered voters in King!

If you want to see change in our town, it’s up to you to participate in this year’s election.

It’s easy to feel like your vote doesn’t matter in national or state-wide elections, but here in King, your vote truly matters.

You’ve convinced me.
 How can I help? 


1. Register to vote by October 8

If you’ve never voted for, your first step is to register to vote. Click the button below to fill out your registration form and mail it in by Friday, October 8.

2. Make a plan to vote

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2. Early voting opens October 13 and runs through Saturday, October 30. You can also register to vote at the same time you vote if you vote early.


3. Encourage your friends and family to vote

If new people like you don’t vote this year, nothing will change. The only way we make change in our town is if we show up and vote. Election Day is Tuesday, November 2.

Hi. I’m  Jonathan Carone. 

And I’m running for City Council.

I hope over the next two months I can earn your vote so we can Build King’s Future together. If you want to follow along, I’ll regularly be posting videos on Facebook and Instagram to give you a deeper look in what I believe our town needs and how we can create a better future if we work together and do things the right way.

So how do we  Build King’s Future  together?

To me, it comes down to three things:

1 – We need a plan.

For far too long, we’ve reacted to the things going on around us instead of being proactive in creating a plan to lead us. Our city leadership needs to determine what the people of our city – you, the person reading this – value and put together a plan to make sure we can finance it. We need to have a vision to guide our growth so we can make sure the amount of people we attract to King doesn’t exceed what we can support. While growth is inevitable, it shouldn’t be at the expense of those of us who live here now. We need to create blueprints to build King’s future so we can then create a budget for what it’ll take to get there.

2 – We need new revenue streams.

We live in the 6th most conservative county in the state of North Carolina. It’s pretty obvious no one around here wants our taxes to continue going up and up and up. But unfortunately, if we don’t bring in new revenue streams, that’s what’s going to have to happen. Even though I don’t drink alcohol myself, I’m a huge believer in letting you all vote on if you want liquor by the drink to be one of those new revenue streams. I’d like to think one place we can all agree on is that We The People should have the chance to vote on that.

3 – We need more pro-active communication.

Right now, you can ask our elected leaders questions about what’s going on and they’ll gladly answer, but they’re not actively getting in front of you to tell you what’s going on and the issues facing our town. It goes back to my first point – we’re reactive, not proactive. It’s 2021. We all have access to video cameras in our pockets with the ability to film something and instantly share it with you.

The way we get more people involved in Building King’s Future is by involving you more and inviting you to be a part of the conversation. We don’t need rumors and he said/she said leadership. When something is happening, we should let you know directly and bring you in to the conversation.

I want a  better King  than the one I grew up in.

I want to see us be a destination for travel ball tournaments in baseball, softball, and soccer. I want people to hear about King and want to make the trip up 52 to see us. I want those 800,000 people traveling to Hanging Rock to have restaurants to eat at and a hotel to stay at so we can make some money off them.

I don’t want us to lose the small town charm that makes King great – I don’t want to be a mini Winston – but I also don’t want our town to be overrun by more needs than we can afford. I don’t want our police officers to not be able to respond to a call because they don’t have the resources they need. And I don’t want run down parks with daily reminders of how nice things used to be.

If you want a  better future  for our town than what we have now, I invite you to vote for me – Jonathan Carone – for King City Council.