We could increase King’s yearly revenue by  $550,000/year  with just one vote.

 Keep Taxes Low 

 Increase Our Resources 

 Build King’s Future 

Imagine what we could do if we injected $550,000  into our local economy each year.

That money is currently leaving King and being spent in towns all around us, every single year.

If we kept that money at home, we could build the future of our town without costing you – the taxpayer – a single dime.

Sound too good to be true?!

All it takes is one vote from the citizens of King.

So what’s the vote?

Currently it is against city regulations to serve liquor by the drink in King. It’s within the authority of City Council to allow us to vote to change that regulation.

Allowing liquor by the drink would bring in roughly $550,000 into our local economy.

The tax revenue from that increase – the money our neighboring towns and counties are profiting from currently – is what King needs to build the future of our town without increasing taxes or approving new apartment complexes.

Join  over 300 of your neighbors  in requesting City Council let us vote to change this regulation.

By filling out the form, you’ll be joining:


City & County Law Enforcement


Church Leaders


Elected Officials


Business Owners


Local Teachers


Real Estate Professionals

We want to stay positive, but here’s what’s going on:

For years, citizens of King have wanted to overturn the current regulations. However, City Council has always refused to put the issue up for a ballot vote.

The only way to force a ballot vote is through a physical petition requiring “1,756 valid signatures of eligible voters.”

Here’s the catch: only 404 people voted in the last City Council election.

The City Council is requiring nearly 4.5x more people to sign a petition than voted them into office just to allow us to vote on the issue.

We think that’s wrong. We’re politely asking City Council to allow the citizens of King to vote.

Here’s the harsh reality we’re facing:

Our city has more needs than resources. The City Council has been forced into raising the taxes of city residents because we don’t have the tax revenue to pay for all the things our city needs.

“This is probably one of the hardest budgets I’ve done in my 12 years (on the Council)” said Wesley Carter. “We want to continue to provide the services we provide, and King provides a lot. We’ve had to cut things we didn’t want to cut and raise things we didn’t want to raise. It was not a fun process.”

We believe the Council should allow us to vote on if we’d want a new revenue stream in ABC taxes, increased retail tax revenue, and increased tourism revenue to keep our taxes from going up even more.

It is unfortunate, but at this point in our city’s history, those are the two choices we have. We cannot sustain our town on the tax revenue we currently bring in.

Having our voices heard is one of the key tenets of our democracy. The citizens should get to vote.

But what about…

This has been a debate in King for decades. Let us tackle some of the most often cited questions:

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Won't alcohol sales increase drunk driving?

Actually no! “According to a study in Kentucky, residents of dry counties are exposed to higher rates of impaired driving because in order to obtain alcohol, those people must drive longer distances. On their way back, they spend more time impaired on the road.”

An Arkansas study corroborated these findings, noting that businesses serving alcohol often pop up right outside the borders of dry counties, minimizing the distance in which a driver seeking alcohol has to go through a wet county. Thus the driver spends nearly the entire drive after drinking in the dry country trying to get home, where they are then arrested for DUI.

Lastly, the National Center for Statistics and Analysis noted that DUI-related accidents are nearly four times as likely in dry counties.”


My religion says drinking alcohol is a sin.

That’s respectable! Many religions hold similar views. However, only 36% of Stokes County residents belong to a local church. On top of that, only 23% of Christians believe Scripture indicates people should never drink alcohol. While we respect your personal views and choices, a personal belief against alcohol is no reason to hold back our town’s future.

People will drink alcohol more than they do now.

It’s actually the opposite. Studies have shown binge drinking is often higher in dry counties than wet ones. (Source)

The general idea is when alcohol access is restricted, people will drive to other areas, stock up, and then over drink or binge drink resulting in more alcohol related violence and drunk driving. Allowing regular access to alcohol in King will make consumption safer.

Did you know alcohol sales would make King safer?

A recent study showed “if all counties were to become wet, the total number of meth lab seizures…would decline by about 25 percent.” (Source)

In addition, allowing local alcohol sales have shown “drug-related mortality decreased by 14 percent as people substituted alcohol for other drugs.” (Source)

When you combine a safer King with a more profitable one, you have a future we can look forward to and build together.

This all sounds nice,
 but what’s in it for me? 

New Restaurants

The steakhouse and nicer restaurants you’ve been asking for won’t come to King unless they can sell mixed drinks.

A Local ABC Store

No more driving to Walnut Cove, Pilot Mountain, or Stanleyville. You can get what you need here in King.

A Nice Hotel

Want to have a place for your out-of-town friends and family to stay when they visit? It can’t happen without the ability to sell mixed drinks.

A Better Future

The revenue brought in through allowing liquor by the drink will allow King to build a brighter future without raising taxes.

Want to avoid even more sketchy arcades or subsidized apartment complexes?

Those things are approved because the generate revenue for the city.

The revenue generated from allowing liquor by the drink will allow our City Council to be more selective on what they approve permits for in our town.

You’ve convinced me.
 How can I help? 

1. Ask City Council to let us vote to change this regulation

There’s a form at the bottom of this page. Fill that form out to ask the King City Council to allow us to vote on overturning the current ban on liquor by the drink.

2. Share this website with others who live in King

The only way we get the word out and Build King’s Future is if we do it together. If you’re on board, share this website with others who live in town.

3. Visit and participate in City Council meetings

The King City Council meets regularly on the 1st Monday of each month at 7pm at City Hall. Participating in these meetings will keep this issue at the forefront and put positive pressure on the Council to let us vote.

Ask City Council to allow us to vote to overturn the current regulations

We believe King is bigger than its city limits. Whether you live inside the city lines, outside them, or you just work in King, your voice deserves to be heard.

Let King’s City Council hear your thoughts on the form below. Together, we can Build King’s Future.